Worried about foreclosure on your Tennessee home?

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Most people have, at some point in life, experienced financial challenges. Perhaps you suffered an unexpected reduction in income. Or, maybe, someone in your household developed an adverse health condition that led to severe medical debt. No matter what exactly has caused your financial distress, if you’re worried about possible foreclosure on your Tennessee home, there may be options available to help you avoid it.

Has a foreclosure notice come in the mail?

Even if a lender or collections agency mentions foreclosure to you on the phone, if a lender is activating the foreclosure process, you must be officially notified. It’s never a good idea to ignore or discard such a notice. What you can do, however, is immediately contact your lender to discuss whether there might be alternative payment plans available that would enable you to keep making payments while, at the same time, avoiding foreclosure.

Quick thinking and fast action are often necessary

A threat of foreclosure can quickly become more than a mere threat. If you’re behind on mortgage payments, it’s always best to try to come up with a debt relief plan as soon as possible. There are often several ways to halt foreclosure, even after the process has already been set in motion. For instance, it might be possible to secure a home loan modification.

Never hesitate to reach out for additional support

Many people hesitate to reach out for debt relief support due to embarrassment or fear what people might think if they discuss their financial problems. At Richard Banks & Associates, in Tennessee, our experienced legal team is well-versed on all legal issues regarding bankruptcy, credit card debt and foreclosure. By requesting a meeting, you can take the first step toward finding a solution to even the most seemingly complex financial crisis and possibly, find a way to save your home.


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