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September 2012 Archives

Tanned hides left in limbo after Chapter 7 filing

What if a business that processes or treats customers' possessions files for bankruptcy? For instance, what if a jewelry cleaning business or, in one recent case, a hide tannery has to close down? What happens to the jewelry or hides sent in by customers?

Chapter 11: Pilots' contract tossed out by federal judge

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is one way to restructure a business and keep the doors open. Tennessee business owners who are struggling in these tough economic times should learn about their options for debt relief and which kind of bankruptcy is right for them.

Regions and Saddlebrook settle for $200k in bankruptcy court

It should be no surprise by now that many businesses in Tennessee have had to confront financial difficulties in the last several years. Sometimes the financial maneuvers that business owners make come under scrutiny in the bankruptcy process, and this can lead to litigation.

Mortgage settlement: Tennessee homeowners receive $36 million

Homeowners in Tennessee who are experiencing financial difficulty and are worried about foreclosure may consider seeking relief through bankruptcy. Though filing for personal bankruptcy is not a solution for everyone having trouble making mortgage payments, the process provides many consumers with the financial protection they need.