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Are Your Mortgage Payments Too High Based on Your Current Income? at The Law Firm of Richard Banks & Associates, We Assist Homeowners Throughout Tennessee and North Georgia in Working with Their Mortgage Company to Restructure or Modify Home Loans.

The United States government does not want people to lose their homes. For that reason, it has created a variety of federal assistance programs for people who have been threatened with foreclosure. These programs are complex, and not everyone knows about them. Mortgage companies are unlikely to volunteer information about programs that people qualify for. In fact, they frequently deny modification requests when they should not have. We are here to help you review your options and keep you in your home.

While our attorneys handle home loan modifications as a stand-alone issue, more often than not we conduct home loan modifications in conjunction with filing bankruptcy. If you are like most people facing threats of foreclosure, the threat is the result of a debt problem that extends well beyond your mortgage payments. We want to provide you with a comprehensive solution to all of your entire debt problem.

Stripping Second Mortgages

Having provided debt relief solutions since 1974, we are armed with an extensive arsenal of solutions for people in situations like yours. In some cases, second mortgages can be completely eliminated in conjunction with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In other cases, we may be able to negotiate a modification of your second mortgage in addition to your first.

When Loan Modifications Go Bad

If not handled correctly, a loan modification can actually make matters worse. We have seen situations in which individuals have attempted to negotiate modifications on their own, or turned to non-legal businesses for assistance. All too often, the end result is still a foreclosure notice. We will move quickly to help you protect your home.

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