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You run a small business. Perhaps you have five employees. Perhaps you have 100 employees or more. As is the nature of small businesses, you have had to struggle to succeed. In these increasingly challenging economic times, you have found that, no matter how hard you struggle, no matter how many hours you put in, you are unable to keep your business above water. You need a solution.

At the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates, our lawyers have more than 35 years of experience representing Tennessee and North Georgia small businesses and professionals with their own practices, such as doctors and dentists.

Should You File Chapter 11 Or Chapter 13?

Do you want to retain management of your small business? Do you want to retain all of your small business assets? Both these are entirely possible through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In some cases, particularly with sole proprietorships and smaller businesses, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be used to accomplish the same goals. We will help you use one of these types of bankruptcy to create a plan of reorganization that will help you deal with your debts, provide relief from delinquent taxes and more.

If you are interested in overcoming debt and closing the doors of your business in the process, we can assist you in finding the most effective way to do it.

Farmers and agricultural industry businesses can benefit from a unique type of bankruptcy: Chapter 12. We can assist with this type of bankruptcy as well.

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