What You Need To Know About Credit Card Debt Relief

Credit cards are a mainstay in American life for most people. They provide a convenient way for you to go about your daily business — and for many people, a too-easy pathway toward out-of-control debt. It is distressing — and very common — to grapple with unmanageable debt. You are not alone if you find yourself dealing with harassing phone calls from debt collectors as the total amount owed stubbornly refuses to budge.

At Richard Banks & Associates in Cleveland, we have been helping clients face and overcome unmanageable credit card debt since 1974.

Watch Out For The Lure Of Debt Consolidation Traps

Have you fallen behind on your credit card bill payments? Or is your debt load continuing to rise even as you give your best efforts to pay off debt?

As you look for ways to put your credit card debt or other unsecured debt behind you, you may be tempted to consider so-called bankruptcy alternatives such as debt consolidation arrangements. We are familiar with all the shady schemes many Tennessee residents fall into as they seek debt relief through debt consolidation.

Telemarketing is a primary way debtors get caught up in false promises of credit card debt relief. Does this sales spiel sound familiar? “Good news! If you carry more than $10,000 in credit card debt, we can help you get your interest rate reduced to zero and cut your total debt in half. Press one now to speak with a credit card debt relief specialist.” Have you heard recordings like this after answering robocalls on your phone?

Are you thinking about letting the callers give you their sales pitches? Beware. Please realize that these outfits are looking for your business — and that’s all they’re looking for. Far too many debtors fall for these traps, only to find themselves deeper in debt before long.

An Experienced Debt Relief Attorney Can Advise You On The Best Way Forward Considering Your Unique Circumstances

A far safer approach is to have your credit card debt situation evaluated by an experienced debt relief attorney. A reputable lawyer will advise you about how to overcome your credit card debt with your best interests at the forefront. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the right solution for your case. An in-depth personalized analysis can provide the peace of mind you need at this time.

Take advantage of our offer of a free consultation. Learn about the legal and practical implications of credit card debt relief through bankruptcy and other means.

For information about bankruptcy, see our bankruptcy FAQ or our bankruptcy practice center.

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