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At the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates, we have been helping people throughout Tennessee and North Georgia overcome debt problems since 1974. If you are looking for an attorney who can provide you fast, caring, courteous and confidential guidance through the bankruptcy process, we can help you.

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We help people faced with debt of all kinds, including credit card debt, medical debt, tax debt, student loan debt and more.

Tennessee Debt Negotiation Lawyers

While debt negotiation may seem like a positive alternative to bankruptcy, it is important to proceed with care. Our attorneys often assist with negotiating home loan modifications, either in conjunction with a bankruptcy or separately. However, we know that these need to be done correctly in order to provide any benefit. We also know that there are debt consolidation companies out there claiming they can negotiate away debts. These companies do not have any legal standing to follow through on the claims they make. Talk to us first about credit card debt relief and related issues such as:

When we work with you on your debt relief matters, we will follow through by explaining your best path to credit repair once you address the core problem of out-of-control debts.

Learn more by reviewing our bankruptcy FAQ or our bankruptcy practice center.

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