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Many people hesitate to file bankruptcy because they are worried they will lose everything in the process. In reality, people who file bankruptcy with the help of the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates, P.C. are able to keep the vast majority — if not all — of their property, thanks to the current rules regarding exemptions. In fact, the amount of property that is exempt has recently been raised, thanks to a campaign initiated by our law firm. You may not have to give up your house, your car, your furniture and your personal property, and you definitely get to keep your retirement accounts.

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At our law firm, our attorneys understand just how urgent these situations can be and how important it is to take fast action. We provide same-day appointments as necessary, and we respond with haste. We can even assist in stopping foreclosure up until an hour before the home is sold in a foreclosure sale.

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Overwhelming debt, along with the creditor harassment and other problems that come with it, can be extremely stressful. For that reason, we approach cases with a caring and courteous attitude. Our job is to help you through this, doing everything possible to eliminate the stress you are under, as well as the debt that has caused it. We start to do that job from the moment you get in touch with us for a free and confidential initial consultation.

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss all available options, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Your case will be led by board-certified bankruptcy specialist Richard L. Banks, so you can be confident that you are in good hands, whether you are challenged by credit card bills, medical bills or any other type of debt.

Our law firm will open cases for no money down, and our reasonable fees can be paid through payment plans. Our services are available to people throughout Tennessee and North Georgia.

Call us toll free at 866-596-8527, or send us an e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation with a Cleveland bankruptcy lawyer.

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