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Debt problems are one thing. Tax debt problems are something completely different. Is the IRS or another taxing authority harassing you about past-due income taxes or delinquent property taxes? Have you heard that tax debts cannot be resolved through bankruptcy in the same way that credit card and medical debts can? While that is true, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer may still be able to guide you to a solution to your tax problems.

At the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates, our lawyers have been representing people throughout Tennessee and North Georgia since 1974. We know how to find solutions to all debt problems, including tax debts.

Going Beyond Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can actually resolve many tax problems, although not necessarily in the way you may think. While tax debt that is more than three years old may be able to be eliminated like other types of debt, more recent tax debt will remain. However, by getting rid of other debt that is plaguing you by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may find it easier to deal with your tax debt. If you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your tax debt may be included in your payment plan.

Our lawyers also assist with private workouts of tax problems with the IRS and other taxing authorities. We can negotiate offers in compromise and installment payments, as well as releases of tax liens and levies. This can be done in conjunction with bankruptcy or as a separate tax relief service.

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