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At the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates, we have more than 35 years of experience helping home and car owners throughout Tennessee and North Georgia when they fall behind.

You purchase the home of your dreams, or perhaps simply the home of your budget. You get a mortgage that makes sense at the time of purchase. You keep up with your payments for years. Then you unexpectedly lose your job. While you search for a new one, you drain your savings account keeping up with your home payments. When your savings are exhausted, you fall behind, not only on your home payments, but on your car payments and other financial responsibilities. You can find relief with the help of our law firm.

You Do Not Have To Lose Your Home Or Your Car

When you choose our law firm, your case will be led by board-certified bankruptcy specialist Richard L. Banks. Board certification is granted only to lawyers who have demonstrated extensive knowledge in the area of law. We know the steps that can be taken to help you keep your home and your car, and board certification is your proof.

Many people believe that they will lose their home and their car if they file bankruptcy. In reality, there are solutions that can allow you to overcome your debt without having to give up what is important to you. Bankruptcy is one. Home loan modification is another.

Bankruptcy Stops Foreclosure And Repossession

Even if you are so far behind on your mortgage and car loan payments that you have been threatened with foreclosure or repossession, or foreclosure or repossession is already in progress, bankruptcy can help. We will take fast action to protect your property.

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