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February 2019 Archives

Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plans help struggling consumers

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides one path for struggling consumers to enjoy debt relief. While there are different personal bankruptcy options for struggling consumers in different situations, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is just one option to understand but can help struggling consumers reorganize their debts and enjoy a fresh financial start.

Do you have to go in front of a judge for bankruptcy?

Despite the fact that thousands of people file for bankruptcy every year in the United States, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the practice. For example, a lot of people assume anyone who has to file for bankruptcy is irresponsible with money. The reality is that many people simply need help restructuring their debts after falling on hard times. 

Property protections for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers

Bankruptcy exemptions are an important aspect of Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy protection to be familiar with. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection involves liquidating assets to repay creditors but not all assets must be liquidated and that is important to know.

Bankruptcy protections can help struggling consumers

When home and car owners fall behind in mortgage and car payments, the fear, stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. Overwhelming debt can be difficult for struggling consumers to face each day which is why they should at least be familiar with legal protections and options available to them.