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October 2013 Archives

Understanding how a person's bankruptcy can affect marriage

When Tennessee couples decide to get married, there are many factors to consider. Does the couple share the same values? Are they on the same page regarding children? Is one of the parties having financial struggles - particularly a past bankruptcy - that is concerning to the other party? Many people are scared at the prospect of marriage when their future husband or wife is struggling with bankruptcy. How will it affect the other person's good credit?

Got extra cash? Don't use it all toward credit card debt

Many Tennessee residents carry large amounts of debt. They wait for that right moment - bonus at work, inheritance, raise or other financial windfall - to dump a large sum of money toward a credit card with a huge balance or high interest rate. But contrary to what many consumers believe, paying off a card is not always the best idea.

Is personal bankruptcy the right option to get rid of debt?

Many Tennessee residents are already struggling to pay off large amounts of debt -- tens of thousands of dollars or even more. A job loss, medical condition or other hardship can exacerbate financial problems even further. What are the options for those who are drowning in debt? Should personal bankruptcy be the first choice or should a consumer try debt settlement? Which is the better choice for someone looking to maintain their credit score?

Why paying only the minimum amount leads to credit card debt

Many Tennessee folks consider themselves lucky if they are able to pay the minimum monthly payment on their credit cards. However, what many consumers don't know is that the minimum payment is simply a trap. Those who pay only the minimum amount tend to dig themselves further and further into a hole of credit card debt every month.

Is a commercial bankruptcy in J.C. Penney's future?

No Tennessee business owner creates a business with the notion that it will eventually go bankrupt. However, economic hardships can plague a business -- even a successful one -- at any time. Popular retailer J.C. Penney looks to be heading toward a commercial bankruptcy. Can the company turn itself around and become profitable again?