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March 2020 Archives

Many Americans owe medical debt

In Tennessee, one of the most difficult types of debt to carry is medical debt. Most people do not have a choice about incurring this debt as it arises from unplanned medical issues. Nearly a third of American workers owe some sort of medical debt, and half of them have defaulted on it.

Bankruptcy may not harm employment prospects

For Tennessee residents who file for bankruptcy, new research suggests that they may not have to worry as much that their bankruptcy will cost them their job or keep them from getting one in the future. This goes against many long-held beliefs that bankruptcy is a black mark on one's record that affects future employment prospects.

How to strip a lien in bankruptcy

Individuals who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tennessee could potentially have a second mortgage lien stripped. Chapter 7 cases only deal with unsecured debts, and this is why a lien cannot be stripped in a liquidation bankruptcy. Typically, debtors are allowed to have the lien stripped after completing a three- or five-year repayment plan. During the repayment period, the second mortgage balance will be converted from secured to unsecured debt.

Strategies for getting out of debt

Tennessee residents may feel as if their debt payments are a burden that they will never be rid of. However, there may be strategies that a person can use to pay off creditors in a timely manner. For instance, an individual could choose to use the debt snowball method to pay down his or her existing balances. Those who choose to use that strategy will put any disposable income that they have toward their smallest balances.

How much is your credit card debt really costing you?

Like many others in Tennessee, you may rely on your credit cards for daily purchases. From buying groceries to paying medical bills, you may simply swipe your card or give your card number without giving it a second thought. However, the ease of using cards can quickly become secondary when the balances you owe become more than you can manage on your own.