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January 2020 Archives

Strategies for getting out of debt

Americans who are struggling to pay down debt may feel as if they will never be financially secure enough to retire. For some Tennessee residents, their relationships with debt begin when they decide to finance their college education with student loans. Individuals may also grapple with credit card debt, auto loans and mortgages throughout the course of their adult lives. Credit card balances may be the most difficult to pay off because they have interest rates of 20% or more.

Presidential candidates spar over medical debt

Polls reveal that health care is the issue that voters in Tennessee and around the country care about the most, so it is not surprising that the cost of medical treatment in the United States was discussed at length during the Jan. 14 Democratic presidential debate. During the debate, Senator Bernie Sanders claimed that about 500,000 Americans file a personal bankruptcy each year because of overwhelming doctor or hospital bills. Data from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project backs up this statement.

Student loan debt discharged in bankruptcy case

Many people in Tennessee have student loan debt that they cannot afford to pay back. On Jan. 7, a bankruptcy judge ruled that a former law student with over $220,000 in unpaid student loan debt could have his debt discharged. The 46-year-old lawyer was a 2004 graduate of Cardozo Law School in New York, and he represented himself in court.

Do I meet the requirements of the bankruptcy means test?

Whether a Tennessee debtor is trying to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is important to be cognizant of the means test and how it can impact a case. Financial challenges can happen to anyone and the individual circumstances such as the person's employment situation, what assets they have and their income will be considered when determining if it is possible to file and what chapter would be most effective. The means test is a critical part of any case.

Which chapter of bankruptcy is right for your future?

Before arriving at the point where you believe that it is necessary to file for bankruptcy, you probably dealt with things such as debt collectors calling you at all hours and wage garnishment. It is not easy to arrive at the point where you believe that bankruptcy is the right choice, but it could offer you the chance at a better and brighter future. Now, you have to decide which chapter is ideal for your situation. 

Can Tennessee student loans be discharged in bankruptcy?

The single word answer to this question is, "yes." However, there is much more to be said and many more complexities regarding this subject. It is not impossible to obtain a discharge of a student loan within a bankruptcy, but it is certainly no easy task. It is also not a task that is often successfully completed.