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Tennessee battery manufacturer files for commercial bankruptcy

The decision to file for a business bankruptcy is always a difficult one, especially when it becomes clear that it can have a ripple effect on the local economy. The company itself may be subject to the ripple effect of other forces.

Iconic vacuum cleaner company Oreck files for Chapter 11

Just because you, as a business owner, have fallen on financial hard times doesn't mean that bankruptcy is inevitable. Professionals who work in bankruptcy law can inform business owners of their debt relief options before, during and after filing for bankruptcy.

Airline merger expected to save bankrupt carrier

Tough economic times can impact any business and cause a once profitable company to become overwhelmed by debt. Business bankruptcy may be the best option to save a company on the brink of collapse. Also known as Chapter 11 or commercial bankruptcy, this option allows for reorganization of business debts and allows the company to keep its door open. One major airline is facing a potentially more profitable future after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Alleged money juggling and pension fraud in Revstone bankruptcy

Most of the time companies go bankrupt because of losses sustained during normal business ventures. Occasionally, however, firms file for commercial bankruptcy after dubious business deals unravel and cause financial chaos. In these situations, details often emerge about the inner workings of the companies in question; sometimes, criminal charges result.

Pinnacle Airlines moving headquarters amidst bankruptcy

Reduced sales and profits often cause a business bankruptcy, although tax problems are also a common reason for having to confront tough financial times. Business owners typically declare a business bankruptcy with a Chapter 11 filing, and readers in Cleveland will be interested in the following bankruptcy case that will allow the business to continue operating.

Pinnacle Airlines to file reorganization plan

When a company files for bankruptcy protection, the goal is usually to restructure the business so that it can stay afloat. Businesses typically file Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize their debts and continue to operate. Reorganization under commercial bankruptcy can help a business get back on the road to financial solvency.

Kodak hopes to rebuild after bankruptcy

Chances are most readers in the Cleveland area have used a product made by Kodak. For many, the name is almost synonymous with photography. However, with the widespread use of digital cameras, Kodak and its business of making film has struggled to remain profitable.

Commercial bankruptcy trustee to sell Tennessee-based tax business

Companies that file for protections under bankruptcy law are often seeking to either restructure their businesses or liquidate assets. Commercial bankruptcy trustees oversee the transactions of a business that has applied for and received such protections.

As part of bankruptcy, Suzuki to stop selling cars in US

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is specifically designed to reorganize the debts of a business. This often allows Tennessee businesses to continue operations, so long as they are able to meet their financial obligations during the bankruptcy process.

Commercial bankruptcy for Tennessee shopping center

Businesses dealing with serious financial challenges sometimes can improve their circumstances by filing for commercial bankruptcy to reorganize their assets. This could be the case with a Tennessee shopping center that recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.