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Tennessee company files for business bankruptcy

Sometimes companies fall onto hard times and end up with large amounts of debt. But hard times do not always signal the end for a company. Sometimes bankruptcy can help the company restructure its business and create new long-term goals. That is what Tennessee medical transcription company M*Modal is hoping to accomplish after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Tennessee company files for business bankruptcy

Sometimes, companies fall on hard times and end up with large amounts of debt. However, that does not always signal the end. Bankruptcy can help a company restructure its business and create long-term goals. That is what Tennessee medical transcription company M*Modal is hoping to accomplish after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Sub franchise Quiznos files for commercial bankruptcy

Tennessee residents have many options when it comes to purchasing sandwiches. Quiznos was once a contender in the restaurant business about a decade ago, but increased competition has led to declining sales. The company now owes $570 million to creditors and has decided to file for commercial bankruptcy.

Chemical spill forces business bankruptcy

Many Tennessee residents have heard the news about the chemical spill that left 300,000 West Virginians without drinking water. Businesses in the area were forced to close for several days. Even schools had to be shut down and residents could only use their water to flush toilets. The company blamed for the spill has been sued by multiple businesses. However, the company is protected from lawsuits - for now - because it filed for business bankruptcy.

Business bankruptcy the end of the road for many retailers

When Tennessee consumers file for personal bankruptcy, they do it in hopes of getting a fresh start in terms of their credit score. However, the results are not always so positive when business have to file for bankruptcy. Once a company files for business bankruptcy, it often means the end -- even when the company has been around for decades.

Is a commercial bankruptcy in J.C. Penney's future?

No Tennessee business owner creates a business with the notion that it will eventually go bankrupt. However, economic hardships can plague a business -- even a successful one -- at any time. Popular retailer J.C. Penney looks to be heading toward a commercial bankruptcy. Can the company turn itself around and become profitable again?

Kodak emerges from business bankruptcy as a smaller company

As many of our Tennessee readers may know, nobody is immune from financial difficulties. According to gossip magazines, many celebrities have filed for bankruptcy. Entire towns have filed for bankruptcy. Even some of the nation's largest corporations have felt the sting of the economy and lost millions of dollars in order to stay afloat. One of these companies is Eastman Kodak Co - most commonly known as Kodak. The company filed for business bankruptcy in January 2012 and is just now starting to come back into its own.

Options for business bankruptcy: what owners should know

As many Tennessee business owners know, not all companies succeed. Whether it's a small business trying out a new product in the market for the first time or a larger one overextending itself financially, bankruptcy can happen to any company at any time. Although no company wants to succumb to bankruptcy, learning about the options available can make business bankruptcy easier to handle.

Oreck family loses chance to re-buy business after bankruptcy

Oreck vacuums started as a family business back in 1963. Forty years later, the family sold the company to a private equity firm. By 2013, the vacuum maker was grappling with declining sales due to tough competition and distribution difficulties. Ultimately, those in charge of the business filed for Chapter 11 protection under business bankruptcy laws and the Tennessee-based company went on the auction block.

Company files bankruptcy in response to expensive court judgment

A Tennessee communications firm has filed for commercial bankruptcy in response to a monetary judgment of $47.4 million against one of its owners. A jury awarded the $47.4 million in a lawsuit brought by the trustees of Equity Media Holdings Corp, a company already in bankruptcy. The lawsuit claimed that the purchase of Retro Television Network by Luken Communications for $18.5 million was a fraudulent transfer as the company had been valued at $115.8 million several months before the purchase.