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What to know before using Chapter 11 for business bankruptcy

Many Tennessee businesses flourish while others, for some reason, fail to generate enough revenue to survive. When this happens, entrepreneurs can generally choose from three main types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7, 11 and 13. Each has its pros and cons, but many experts believe that Chapter 11 should be a last resort - after other strategies have failed. Learn more about why companies should hold off on using Chapter 11 as a business bankruptcy.

How commercial bankruptcy can help struggling businesses

Although it may seem as though the economy is starting to pick up, many companies still struggle with day-to-day business. Unemployment, credit card debt, divorce, college tuition and other factors can cause consumers to spend less. When this happens, businesses suffer. They lose profits and become unable to pay bills. The next step? Bankruptcy. While bankruptcy may seem like a bad word to some business owners, Chapter 11 bankruptcy - a type of bankruptcy for businesses - can actually help a struggling company stay afloat.

Anthem Education files for business bankruptcy

How would Tennessee college students feel if their school suddenly closed? That is the news that thousands of students across the country recently heard when for-profit Anthem Education filed for business bankruptcy in late August. The college and career institute chain had 41 campuses before bankruptcy filing and hopes to keep 28 of them in operation. However, the campuses are no longer eligible for federal student aid, which accounts for 90 percent of their revenues.

Energy Future Holdings about to file for business bankruptcy

When a Tennessee business has accumulated billions of dollars in debt, bankruptcy is only inevitable. Even a debt restructuring could cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars - a large sum of money for even the most successful business. According to recent reports, Dallas-based Energy Future Holdings is in serious financial trouble as revenues decline and debt increases.

One of Cleveland's oldest companies in bankruptcy

According to the government, the sale of the nation's oldest privately owned clothing maker, now bankrupt, may be happening too quickly and may not be in the best interests of the bankrupt company's creditors. The clothing company has been making tailored suits and clothing in Cleveland, Tennessee since 1880. The privately owned company is currently operating under bankruptcy court supervision. The company hopes to emerge from bankruptcy after a proposed $2 million sale to a local Cleveland millionaire who says he wants to rebuild the business and save Cleveland's oldest company.

Chemical spill forces business bankruptcy

Many Tennessee residents have heard the news about the chemical spill that left 300,000 West Virginians without drinking water. Businesses in the area were forced to close for several days. Even schools had to be shut down and residents could only use their water to flush toilets. The company blamed for the spill has been sued by multiple businesses. However, the company is protected from lawsuits - for now - because it filed for business bankruptcy.

Business bankruptcy the end of the road for many retailers

When Tennessee consumers file for personal bankruptcy, they do it in hopes of getting a fresh start in terms of their credit score. However, the results are not always so positive when business have to file for bankruptcy. Once a company files for business bankruptcy, it often means the end -- even when the company has been around for decades.