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Let us help you make short work of medical debt

A previous post on this blog discussed encouraging statistics showing that the number of bankruptcies has dropped, and some of this drop may be that more residents of Southern Tennessee and Northern Georgia have better health insurance that protects them from sudden and unexpected medical expenses.

How do I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

This blog recently discussed some of the relief Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide for individuals struggling with overwhelming debt. Those considering bankruptcy options to help them enjoy a fresh financial start may wonder how they can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is based on the Chapter 7 means test. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the filing party must satisfy the two-part test.

Legal options may be available to stop wage garnishment

When struggling with overwhelming debt, one of the worst circumstances that an individual can face is having their wage garnished. Wage garnishment can be extremely stressful for individuals already struggling to manage debt, get caught up on payments and get ahead of their financial struggles and challenges.

Chapter 7 exemptions may address concerns of filers

The decision to file for personal bankruptcy is likely not one that is taken lightly and can include some understandable anxieties and apprehensions. It is helpful for individuals considering filing for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy to be familiar with the process and understand how Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions work because this may help ease some of their concerns.

The bankruptcy process can help with wage garnishment

It can be overwhelming to be facing overpowering debt. Then add to the stress by including wage garnishment to an already challenging circumstance. It can already be stressful to try to address debts, monthly bills and other financial concerns prior to the added pressure of wage garnishment, which can make all of those concerns even more challenging. As a result, it can be tremendously important to stop wage garnishment.