3 ways to resolve unsecured credit card debt

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Every Tennessee household is unique regarding its finances. Numerous factors change the financial dynamics of a home, such as income levels, number of people, etc., as well as cost of living and circumstances. Using a credit card adds convenience to purchase capabilities, especially for large-ticket items or recurring bills; however, credit card debt can quickly get out of hand if funds are not available to satisfy monthly payments.  

It’s uncommon for people to use credit cards to make mortgage payments or car payments each month. Many people resort to their credit cards for unexpected bills, as well, such as a medical emergency or car repairs. If you have several unexpected issues within a few months, keeping up with payments can be challenging.  

When credit card debt gets out of hand 

It’s often high interest rates that cause people trouble when it comes to making credit card payments. If you pay the minimum payment, most, if not all, of your money is going toward interest, without paying off the balance. Sometimes, adjusting spending habits or paying more than the minimum payment required can help get things back on track when credit card debt is rising.  

If you’ve tried several solutions but are still having financial problems, you might want to consider additional debt relief options. For instance, many people have found that filing for bankruptcy provides much-needed debt relief, while also helping to lay the groundwork for restored financial stability down the line. If you’re facing legal issues regarding credit card debt, you may request a meeting with Richard Banks & Associates, in Tennessee, to discuss your case and to explore possible solutions to your financial problems. 


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