Landlord of 450 units files for bankruptcy

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Getting out from between a financial “rock and a hard place” can be challenging for those in Tennessee and beyond who have encountered serious money problems. Every person’s financial situation is unique, especially regarding the details and events that might lead up to a financial crisis in a particular case. However, the options that are most viable for seeking debt relief are often similar, even if specific circumstances vary.

Tenants accuse landlord of letting their homes go to ruin

Numerous tenants in a nearby state who live in various apartment complexes that, combined, add up to approximately 450 units are reportedly looking for new places to live after stating that their landlord failed to maintain their residences. The landlord said he had every intention of making repairs but was locked into a foreclosure battle with The Federal National Mortgage Association. The landlord says he has lost millions in recent years due to a failing economy.

In a recent turn of events, however, the landlord has filed for bankruptcy on all of his complexes, which has brought foreclosure proceedings to a screeching halt. Many people are unaware that bankruptcy is a valuable financial tool that can secure time to reorganize finances and restructure a payment plan. This often helps people pay back their debt without losing their homes or properties to foreclosure.

Landlord says he’ll have time to make repairs now that foreclosure has halted

The landlord in question says that he will have time now to focus on needed repairs since filing for bankruptcy has halted foreclosure proceedings, which had been requiring his full attention in the recent past. Anyone in Tennessee who has questions about bankruptcy and whether it might be an option to help resolve a specific financial crisis may request a meeting with an attorney who is well-versed in such issues. Such an attorney can review a specific case and make recommendations regarding which type of bankruptcy might best fit a particular person’s needs.


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