Get back into control with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

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You’ve been working hard, but no matter what you do, it seems like you’re never able to catch up on your bills. You’re behind on rent, the electric bill, your car insurance and other bills that you have to pay to keep all the things you need.

You have a strict budget, and you’ve been working at least 60 hours a week. Unfortunately, low pay and long hours aren’t helping enough, and you’re getting burned out. What should you do?

Consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy when you can’t make ends meet

When you’re struggling to make ends meet and are falling behind on your bills, it’s time to talk to your attorney about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You may be working hard, but if you’re still getting hit with late fees and fines, you may never be able to dig your way out of debt.

Fortunately, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help. By choosing this form of bankruptcy, you’ll be able to stop collections and foreclosure activities. You can stop the harassing phone calls that keep coming through. You will also be able to ask the court for relief.

While not all types of debts can be eliminated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many can be. Unsecured debts, like credit card debts and personal loans, may be able to be discharged so that you can reduce what you owe overall and be able to support yourself more easily once again.

Our website has more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and when it’s time to consider if bankruptcy is the right choice for you.


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