Taking control with bankruptcy in the New Year

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Financial instability and insurmountable debt can be difficult problems at any point in the year. However, over the holidays Tennessee residents may spend more money than they intend to when they buy gifts for their loved ones, meals for their families and travel to see the people that mean the most to them. It can be hard to dig out from under the weight of burdensome debt and for some the problem of getting spending and saving under control can last the entire calendar year.

It is important that readers of this bankruptcy blog understand that there are no easy fixes for financial problems. It is always wise for those facing debt to speak with legal advisors who practice bankruptcy and debt relief law to discover what options they have for resolving their economic burdens. Different paths to financial freedom may be available to different debtors and this post does not offer any specific guidance or advice.

However, bankruptcy can serve as a viable option for some debtors who are ready to end the cycle of loss and delinquency in their financial lives. Individuals can pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to alleviate their debts and either pay off or plan to repay the money that they owe to their creditors.

Attorney Richard Banks and his legal team sincerely hope that the readers of this bankruptcy legal blog have a happy and healthy holiday season. When the New Year arrives, attorney Banks and his staff will be prepared to work with men and women who wish to start 2020 on strong financial footing and who wish to be in control of their financial futures.


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