How to get relief from wage garnishment

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Wage garnishment can add pressure and stress to a situation that is already trying. Wage garnishment can put the struggling consumer even further behind as they were attempting to get caught up on their bills and obligations.

Wage garnishment can come about after a creditor obtains a judgment against the consumer. Once the creditor has a judgment against the consumer, they may then be able to have the struggling consumer’s wages garnished, compounding that individual’s problems. Fortunately, personal bankruptcy options can help protect struggling consumers from wage garnishment and can provide some important and meaningful debt relief protections as well.

Both Chapter 7 bankrupt and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are personal bankruptcy options available to help struggling consumers. The automatic stay that goes into effect once the filing party has filed for bankruptcy can provide immediate relief from creditor collection actions. If a creditor lawsuit is already in process, it may be possible to prevent it from becoming a judgment against the struggling consumer. If the creditor has already obtained a judgment from the process, it may be possible to prevent them from being able to garnish the struggling consumer’s wages. It may also be possible to stop wage garnishment once it has begun and recover some wages.

Thought the process can seem technical and complex at times, it is worth it to understand important personal bankruptcy protections which can help struggling consumers with all aspects of the challenges they face associated with overwhelming debt. The stress and strain of overwhelming debt can sometimes become too much which is why personal bankruptcy protections are a valuable resource for struggling consumers.


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