Controlling credit card debt through bankruptcy

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A previous post on this blog discussed how easily Bradley County, Tennessee residents can find themselves struggling against mounting credit card debt. As the previous post mentioned, problems with credit debt do not just afflict people who have difficulty with overspending on pleasure items.

In many if not most cases, credit card debt starts with an emergency expense like a car repair or medical bill, or it starts when a family is simply no longer making what they need to make ends meet. While there are many ways to cope with this sort of situation, sometimes a solution may just be too little, too late. At other times, it might be that no solution will work since the underlying cause, like an unsustainable income, has not been addressed.

Although bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone who struggles with credit card debt, many Tennessee families do find it to be a good option for them and, when the process is completed, a welcome relief. Bankruptcy is particularly effective against credit card debts since those debts are usually unsecured, meaning a bankruptcy will usually discharge the debt.

Moreover, a bankruptcy can give a measure of immediate relief by quickly stopping the collection efforts of the credit card company or its collection agency.

Our lead bankruptcy attorney is a specialist in bankruptcy, which means he has the credentials that demonstrate his expertise and experience in the field. He is in a great position to help Tennessee families who are struggling with debt to explore their options and then pursue the one that makes the most financial sense for their needs.


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