Bankruptcy can help when life follows an unexpected path

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Bankruptcy is not something that most people plan for. In fact, it is often a process of last resort for Tennessee residents who feel it is the only way that they can take control of their financial challenges. Though some individuals may see their money woes gradually mount over time, others may see them explode into crises due to the occurrences of unexpected life changes.

For example, the unanticipated loss of a job may leave an individual and the person’s family without income and without sufficient savings on which to live. The use of credit may become the individual’s only way to keep food on the table and a roof over the family members’ heads; before long, debt from credit cards and loans may leave the person in a deep financial hole.

Accidents are also common causes of unexpected costs and unintended bankruptcy filings. Not only can an injury-causing incident leave a person unable to work but it can also subject the hurt party to outrageous medical and doctors’ bills. The costs associated with a single accident may cause a person’s savings to disappear and the person’s financial picture to become bleak with debt.

These and the many other reasons that individuals choose to file for bankruptcy are why the bankruptcy process exists at all. Bankruptcy is an opportunity for people to overcome their unemployment struggles, unpaid bills and other financial hardships in order to start anew, and the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates is prepared to help.

From bankruptcies that involve liquidation to those that involve the creation of debt repayment plans, the firm’s staff works with clients as individuals to meet their unique needs. Each bankruptcy filing starts its own proceedings and individuals who choose to file deserve to have their specific interests represented. There are many reasons that people file for bankruptcy and Richard Banks & Associates is prepared to helps its clients achieve their debt relief goals through personal bankruptcy representation.


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