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Many Tennessee residents carry balances on their credit cards. Carrying a balance means that a credit card holder fails to pay off the full amount of his charges each month and allows a portion of those charges to roll over on to his next credit card bill. While some card holders may know that they will be able to pay off their full debts in a subsequent billing cycle, others may not know if they will ever be able to catch up on their credit card bills.

Credit card debt can happen in any number of ways. An individual may simply not realize how much he has charged and may find that the end-of-cycle sum is simply too much to handle. Or a person may have to use a credit card to pay off a big bill, such as a medical bill from a hospitalization, and then chip away at the total when he has the financial resources to do so. Unfortunately for those who carry balances, heavy fees often apply to carried-over sums that the compound the problem of already insurmountable credit card debt.

When credit card debt gets out of hand, a card holder may find that he is receiving communication from his credit card company. In some cases those contacts may be helpful and productive, but in other cases unscrupulous organizations may use creditor harassment to try to scare card holders into paying off their bills. Creditor harassment can further intimidate card holders who are unsure of how to approach their mounting credit card debt.

At the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates, clients facing financial challenges like credit card debt are met with support and legal knowledge about the options debtors have for overcoming their financial obligations. The firm’s attorneys can provide those that they represent with information they need to overcome their unique challenges. Please consider contacting the law firm of Richard Banks & Associates with your credit card debt concerns.


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