Navigating the stress of filing for bankruptcy

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Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision often taken with a heavy heart. Bankruptcy is not an option that is taken lightly, but sometimes it’s the only choice left. Life situations such as divorce, job loss and medical bills can suddenly leave you drowning in debt with all alternate methods of reducing the load exhausted.

Coming to the conclusion that bankruptcy is the path you must take can lead to many questions about what exactly happens during the bankruptcy process. There are a number of different elements one must have in order to properly file, including a full list of assets and liabilities, current income and expenditures, unexpired leases and more. Obviously, this is only a partial list, but it underscores the notion that someone filing for bankruptcy must have an organized and complete picture of their financial situation in order for the filing to have chance at being successful.

Our team of attorneys at Richard Banks & Associates are experienced in dealing with these sorts of issues and assist in making sure you are aware of the necessary pieces to the bankruptcy puzzle. While all bankruptcy cases may differ in scope, having the assistance of a trained professional to help clarify the steps can be of great benefit.

We understand that filing for bankruptcy is a stressful and sometimes-overwhelming decision. It is a decision, however, that does not need to be handled alone. Seeking proper legal assistance can be the first step in ridding yourself of crippling debt. For more information on bankruptcy, please visit our Chapter 7 page.


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