Getting help when Tennessee credit card debt becomes overwhelming

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You may have done a good job of paying your credit card bill on time every month, until the unexpected happens. Medical bills, job loss, a car accident or home repairs can leave Tennessee residents struggling to make ends meet. What seems to be a temporary situation turns into many years of drowning in debt. Fortunately, bankruptcy is a quick solution that is available and has helped many consumers struggling with overwhelming credit card debt.

Even if pay the minimum payments, it can be a struggle to get ahead financially. Interest charges keep bringing the total debt higher and higher. Even if you are self-employed, you have no source of steady income and, therefore, cannot always count on your payments being made.

Fortunately, credit card and medical debt are unsecured debts. This means that if you do not make the payments, you will not face repossession like you would if you failed to pay on your car or home. This makes these debts easy to erase in a bankruptcy. You can choose from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and once you file, you will receive immediate relief from creditors. They can no longer harass you with threatening letters or phone calls.

It can be stressful to struggle with financial issues on a daily basis. A consultation with a reputable bankruptcy lawyer can help you identify all of your options. Bankruptcy is not the social stigma that it once was. Even celebrities have filed for bankruptcy. It may even help you achieve the financial freedom you have desired for so long. Click here to find out if bankruptcy can help you with your credit card debt.


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